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Rejuvenate Your Inner Self

Come & Visit Anandam Dham

Sandhya Arti

In the evening's gentle glow, witness the divine Sandhya Aarti
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Nikunj Van

Sense of divinity, love, and peace in the hearts of devotees
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Manokamna Vriksha

A tree brimming with the power to make wishes come true
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Guru Darshan

Come and seek the blessings of Sadguru Shri Riteshwar Ji Maharaj
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Ladli Prasadam

Savour the divine prasadam cooked with devotion & love
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Spirituality Redefined

Awakening the Soul at Shri Anandam Dham

Anandam Dham is a peaceful place that helps people explore and grow spiritually. It offers a calm and tranquil environment for self-discovery and inner peace. Through teachings and practices, it guides individuals on a journey of self-realization and harmony.

1000000+ And Counting

Devoted bhakts are continuously fed with prasadam as a symbol of divine grace

105000+ And Counting

Charulata Gau Sewa: Over 100k cows served and counting

5000000+ And Counting

For over a decade, hundreds of diyas have been lit daily without fail
Upcoming Celebrations at Ashram

Event Schedule

Join us for the grand celebration of Guru Purnima on the 3rd of July at Aanandam Dham! A day filled with divine blessings and spiritual festivities awaits. As we honor our revered Guruji, we will be providing meals to the hungry, spreading love and kindness. Immerse yourself in soulful bhajan kirtan, elevating your spirits through melodious devotional songs. Seek the divine grace as Guruji bestows darshan upon the devoted bhakts. Let’s come together in gratitude and reverence on this auspicious occasion. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience enlightenment and joy. See you at Aanandam Dham!

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